1. a part of me has been on pause….sigh….big relief….Mr. Fish has not stopped moving…

    And now I might have to get off MINE and post something. It’s been way too long but I can honestly say it’s because I have been living the above quoted advice!

    Thanks for the check in (and gentle, unintended butt-kick!)


  2. Dude! Best news I’ve had today. It’s always a pleasure to have the BFC&C on wheels stop by and news of a better kind. Keep on keeping on and know you’re appreciated.

    Fim sending a Peace Out your way.

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  3. Now we know you are still around I will wait with anticipation for an account, in your inimitable fashion, of where you have been. No pressure….


  4. I’m glad you ain’t been battered and fried! I ended up having to change my online ID, so you won’t recognize this handle. Anyway, for some reason, you and your blog came to mind last night. Miss your ramblings! -LRose


  5. Hope you’re still around and doing well and that just like most of my blog buddies from back then the issue is just what we call ‘life’ that comes in between and makes you stop blogging… Mind yourself!


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