1. a part of me has been on pause….sigh….big relief….Mr. Fish has not stopped moving…

    And now I might have to get off MINE and post something. It’s been way too long but I can honestly say it’s because I have been living the above quoted advice!

    Thanks for the check in (and gentle, unintended butt-kick!)


  2. Dude! Best news I’ve had today. It’s always a pleasure to have the BFC&C on wheels stop by and news of a better kind. Keep on keeping on and know you’re appreciated.

    Fim sending a Peace Out your way.

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  3. Now we know you are still around I will wait with anticipation for an account, in your inimitable fashion, of where you have been. No pressure….


  4. I’m glad you ain’t been battered and fried! I ended up having to change my online ID, so you won’t recognize this handle. Anyway, for some reason, you and your blog came to mind last night. Miss your ramblings! -LRose


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