2 Good Reasons for Everything: On the Way to Where?

Antique Iranian Travel Chest

Antique Iranian Travel Chest

THERE IS ONE THING I DON’T LIKE about living in a modern, high-rise apartment in the Middle East. No—there are two things. One thing is that in some of these apartments, there are no windows that actually open. You breathe re-circulated refrigerated air every single minute you are home. They say it’s fresh air, but you know they say lots of things. Luckily my apartment has one window in the bedroom that opens, so I can at least let in some fresh air in the mornings before the temperature roars into the high 90’s F (low 40’s C) or the simoom roils into a sandstorm so thick you can’t see two feet in front of you…if one, you’re stupid or unlucky enough to be outside in the thing. Or two, stupid or unlucky enough to leave your window open when the sand starts obliterating a normal day (been there). Continue reading

3 Good Reasons to Buy a Tiny House

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DP Photo Challenge: Afloat

Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking about my title? My blog is not meant to teach or help people get through their lives, so I offer little advice. However, here is one thing I have learned: you cannot always depend on people. But here is one thing you can depend on from me: if I say I’ll never do something, like go bungy jumping off a bridge in New Zealand or write a title like that, I probably will.

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POWER BLOGGING and YOU and ME: Photo 101 Five-in-One

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Conundrum of the day: I’m ambivalent about email notices. I’m fairly new to the blogging scene, my site is only a few months old, I have only a handful of followers who actually follow me, but many more who “like” me from time to time. And this week, I learned a new word regarding bloggers: “power blogging.” OK, two words. I’m not quite sure of the definition, but I’m told if you google it, you can find a list of the “top 50 power bloggers.” I have not taken time to do that. Yet. But I might sooner or later, just to find out what the concept, and the hype, is all about.

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Please, no smoking in the Amsterdam canal house, please

Today’s theme is “Looking Away.”  I’ve slightly altered the concept, perhaps, to something closer to “Looking the other way.”    I shot this one sunny day in Amsterdam with a Canon G6 at F2.8 at 1/800 sec. This is one of those times you might wish you had a truly telephoto lens, something like a 500 or 600mm with professional optics. The little G6, extended to the equivalent of 140mm, leaves a bit of noise and softness in the photo. Please “look away” from that weakness.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Scale of Tina’s Toes

Tina's toes on the island of ancestors

Tina’s toes on the island of ancestors

 You know how sometimes you’ll do something you’re not proud of, and then you resist telling people about it, perhaps fearing what they may say, or think. You try to put it out of your mind and not think about it. Until one day, you’ve pretty much forgotten it ever existed. It has become so tiny, it no longer resides in your world. And then, something happens and wham! there you are, facing the issue you thought was gone and forgotten. The universe has a way of retrieving these incidents you made so tiny and insignificant, and then setting them right in front of you, life size once again. You know what I’m talking about? Or am I alone here? Continue reading