Outside a Bedouin tent

Outside a Bedouin tent in early light

DP Writing 101—Day 10: Favorite Childhood Meal…Ice Cream

DP Photo Challenge: Early Bird Light

Only form of transportation for some

Only form of transportation for some

The little girl in the photograph I’m holding in my hand is my mother at two years old (circa 1908). I can’t show you the picture because it’s an antique and in a frame, and too fragile to remove to scan. In the photograph, my mother’s blonde hair is cropped short. She stands in a white lace dress in front of three women: her mother, her mother’s mother, and her mother’s-mother’s mother.

This third woman in the photo is my great-great grandmother, a full-blooded Native American. Iroquois or Apache is our best guess based on the few pieces of information discovered about her Continue reading