Capture the Heart & Harmony of a Place in Only 9 Photos

“The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.” ~ Britney Spears

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FOR KICKS, LET’S JUST SAY YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. You are flying home from a photo shoot in—okay, say—Burma where you photographed Angelina Jolie in a  wisp of see-through silk on the deck of a tramp steamer paddle wheeling its way down the Irrawaddy River. We’ll assume you are a little older (or a bit of a rogue) because you prefer to call it by its former, more exotic-sounding name, Burma, rather than its new name Myanmar, which, first of all is harder to say and second, not exotic. Let’s assume your Air India flight lands in Trivandrum, and you have a one-day layover. You have always wanted to visit the oceanside hamlet of Varkala. You hire a taxi to drive you up the Southeast coast of Kerala from the airport. Continue reading


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MY DRIVER, MADE S, AND I DEPART THE SACRED TEMPLES ON LAKE BRATAN and head north towards Singaraja and the secret waterfalls. It’s lunchtime, so before leaving the lake, we pull into a restaurant, obviously serving day tripping tourists—clean, well appointed, sterile, no locals. I’m not a big eater. In my mind, the healthiest diet is the diet of countries who have only one Starbucks and no KFC’s in their cities, what I call The Eat Like A Bird Diet—to simply under eat, eat anything you want to eat, just stop eating before you’re full. Continue reading


Balancing Rock, Utah

Balancing Rock, Utah

I’m following a young (I think) blogger who seems amazing to me. She writes two or three posts a day. And I’m not saying she posts someone else’s quote or inserts a short little post. No. This girl writes page after page of stuff. Every day. Two or three times. It’s enough to make you feel inadequate. Or at least wondering jwtf she does in her spare time, if she has any.

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PHOTO CHALLENGE: “DEPTH” …in a rice paddy

Nyoman deep in rice

Nyoman deep in rice

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village, literally, to cultivate rice. At some point in the long process, you might see most everyone in the village attending to something in the depths of this rice field that runs from here to the horizon lying beyond that dense line of jungle in the background of this shot. Maybe a villager will plow the paddy with water buffalo, or stick rice shoots into the mud, or cut weeds with a scythe, or scare away birds.

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SERENDIPITY: Inspired by Neighbors– Build a post on a comment

View from Starbucks--Ubud

View from Starbucks–Ubud

One afternoon during the 2012 monsoon season in Bali, I wandered out of the rain and into KAFE, a restaurant on Jalan Hanoman in the mountain village of Ubud. KAFE is a lively and exotic place where locals as well as travelers—from minimalist backpackers to five-star tourists—tend to mingle. The food is wholesome and healthy, and you can drink the water and eat a salad without fear. Kafe oozes with atmosphere: a tropical café spiced with a dash of California bistro. Designed for hanging out and ecological rapport, all the furniture is made by hand from recycled wood. KAFE is a two-story affair with tables upstairs, some on the balcony overlooking the street below and temples in the distance. Downstairs, there’s an outdoor sidewalk area (for those who believe if there is no law against smoking in a restaurant, light up) and inside, an area designed for lounging: a raised platform with over-stuffed pillows on which to sit and lean against and a table two-feet, or so, high.

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