1 LadyOarTiti 5153 E1SM
Reed boat on Lake Titicaca, Peru
Iguazu Falls, Argentina side
Iguazu Falls, Argentina side
3 EagleColca 4615 E1SM
Woman with a tame hawk, Canyon del Colca valley, Peru

For WP Photo Challenge: Β You can find other Challenge photos here: Motion“>


    • I wondered who would be the first to spot this. Of course, it is you! You guys are first at everything. Maybe I just thought it sounded better, the alliteration of “4 Photos.” Or…maybe I meant to post four, but before inserting the fourth photo (see…nice alliteration), maybe I pushed “publish” instead of “preview.” Maybe it’s all just part of the mystery.

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    • Ha! I try not to use “awesome” also (and “at the end of the day”), and thanks for visiting and sharing…the hawk was…OK…awesome up close, such a beautiful creature, and wise.


  1. Love the brilliant colors! Generally high levels of iron in the water cause that color, but is there another reason or do you know? I know there are also some algae’s and such that can do it as well.

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  2. You know me and over saturation – well I admit I can be difficult. Sometimes it works sometimes not and who’s to say if I’m right or not. Only me πŸ™‚
    I like the Iguazu photo πŸ™‚
    I’m far from first this time. Too busy writing a guest post about making time to write lol, and the next blog post, and slow internet. That’s my story anyway.

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  3. Great shots – all of them. love the last one especially. Peru is wonderful – brings back sweet memories from my own visit in the 1980’s. No camera then…I’ll rejoice in your photos.

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    • I love that word: stunning. But stunning, stunning…wow! Glad you like them. It’s my artistic outlet. thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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