1 KTM girl 6898

2 Lady Green 0510

3 Man Shop 0511

4 2 Boys 6889

5 Man Hat 6895



6 Patagonia Guy 6872


7 Mala Guy 480

8 Malashop Pop 6960


9 Vendor lady 6980


10 Boy Nose 7008

11 2 Men Masks 7009

12 man balls 7012

13 Lady tat 7032

I could tell you the story about my time with each one of these faces. I thought I would write those happenings, but “nothing” kept coming to me. Finally, I figured the faces could tell their own stories, instead of mine.

And no…I have not bought my tickets, nor decided where the plane should land. Am I like the poster child for Type-B personality or what?

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    • Sue…thanks, at least it saved me the time of writing, eh? I’m in the middle of final exams, so time was an issue this week.
      Choices: I had choices, narrowed it down, made plans. Then, get this, started wondering if that was where I wanted to go! Jeesh.


  1. Hey Type B (or is it C and D) – jk –
    good call to leave off comments/stories for each one- even tho it would have been awesome – but it would have been a different post altogether –

    and so here – the vibrant colors and misc. details in the backgrounds all do help tell the story – as do the lines on the faces and skin textures, shades, hairlines, etc.

    truly a beautiful take on the them “face” – (and laughing at the nose picker – and my fav of them – 6th one down – guy in red t-shirt – his smile and energy is wonderful – )

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    • NO…not C or D (they have different issues!). They can do what they need to do when they need to do it. I have to wait until my back is against some wall. And you’re right…it would have been quite a different post. And I like it this way now its here like this!
      Who doesn’t love a kid with his finger in his nose? And yeah…the guy in red…he was cool.

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      • But I do wonder the study – and maybe oh could do a part 2 pits with a little story??
        I thought about doing this with my faces post – but my part 2 would just have what i like about the photos (like some of the lines or little elements that happened on their own – maybe with some lines drawn in – hm- but you should think about it cos I bet more readers are curious – ☀️☀️☀️


        • Well, now you’ve given me something to think about…and yet another decision!! I’d guess most people would like to hear the story of the last photo, girl with tats and ear.

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          • All in due time- and I assume it is almost time for your countdown to be drawing near!
            And by the way – thought of you earlier –
            Had on my favorite white shirt – it is like the softest cotton and juts has a nice feel – and looked down to see it was Gap! In 2014 I bought all these lighter cotton clothes and well – we had talked before about gap (remember) and I guess some of their newer stuff still rocks!

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          • Almost time? Yeah, and I’ve made no movement. Got a few possibles. I’m just not moving.
            Of course, I remember the Gap stuff. I happened into a Gap a week or so ago, and thought the shirts looked flimsy, they were very lightweight. But didn’t try one on for comfort??

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          • Well there surely is no consistency – which is why I looked to see the brand – I keep going for that tank top passing by many others and finally said – have to see – i really thought j. Crew or loft (which Are brands i get here for way cheap) anyhow – saw the gap and thought of badfish!
            Anyhow – I do think they change up sweatshops that they order from – I mean factories change and maybe fibers do – so truly no consistency – well wait! There is consistency with “old navy” brand – always crappy – but great for short term school uniforms – really great-
            Anyhow – when u travel – do you take one single bag and like a few outfits??


    • That woman was a real joy. She intimidated me until I worked up the nerve to speak to her. She was open, warm, and intelligent…and funny. She was a story!


  2. I like the guy in the pink shirt with the mischievous grin. His look suggests that shenanigans are being planned 🙂

    They’re all really good photos BF and I think you’re right to let each stand on its own, letting the face tell its story.

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    • Exactly…I did want to sit and chat with them, and most of them I did. Well, where will I go is THE question isn’t it? Is that the concept you mean…not knowing?


  3. I really struggled to look at these excellent images because as soon as I saw Katmandu I immediately thought of the Bob Seger song and my feet developed a life of their own.


  4. I love all of them, and their expressive faces speak for themselves, just as you said.
    Still, you made me curious about your talks with them.
    Superb gallery. You are good with portraits too! So don’t complain anymore. Deal?
    Any news on the next trip?


    • HA! yeah…sometimes, a look says it all, and sometimes you just gotta wonder what’s going on in his head. And then, there are people who tattoo their neck!


    • That’s probably the right question to ask here. She’s from France, but living in Portugal with her partner when not traveling. They were both…well, different. And interesting. And truly friendly. Not what you might expect…at first glance.

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  5. Interesting thoughts come to mind with each intriguing profile. The last photo I had to do a double look… Quite interesting.
    Isn’t it wonderful that you are able to still linger in Katmandu… Bravo!

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  6. Such an amazing variety of stories here BF. Now I wonder did you talk to each one or are they sneaky, shot from the hip portraits… Whatever they are very good…


    • Qualities…right. I guess each person has their own story to tell, their own history, their own bad day, or good day. Their own nose to pick or leave alone, or stick a jewel in.

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  7. Nice “street” photography! That’s a beautifully intricate tattoo on the last young lady. Did she mention any meaning behind it?


  8. These photos are amazing. These faces are amazing. What beautiful people! Tell me this isn’t your phone camera! You sure have the eye for a great shot, and something else, I’m thinking your heart, to capture so much in a “simple” portrait. Great contribution to Face!

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  9. Brilliant series. Especially love the man with the glasses, the child with the mask and the child with the finger up his nose. You’ll book your trip when you are ready …this is your process and it makes for its own kind of adventure.

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    • Lisa…I like that man in the glasses, too. Love his hat. He wouldn’t sell it to me. He loved it too. And right…when I’m ready (or the cosmos is ready to inform me), I’ll be on my way. As of today, though, I’m receiving no messages from the cosmos and my widget says I have 12 hours left…


  10. These belong in a book. A coffee table book, along with all of your other photos!

    That first picture, as I was looking at, in my mind it looked rather like a painting! It’s most excellent, as they all are.

    Do you have favorites of your photography?


  11. I think I want to draw an upside cross on my face now and see how that goes over here — I really like it. Great pictures. I am always reticent to take the portraits of people I know casually. So, maybe I need to take more portraits of people I know well. You’ve inspired me.


  12. My tag line used to be “Happy travels, no matter where life takes you”.

    The cross lady, are those darts on her neck or the radiating petals of a flower? I need to know!


  13. Hi BF…another great visit! I met a British soldier (in England) who was stationed in Katmandu…I asked him if the place was a exotic as it was cracked up to be, he said not even close. tee hee…different perspective from a military base I guess.


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