Not knowing where I’ll end up is a given. –Dr. Lisa K. Glueck

Chain Bridge Buda Castle Budapest

I’m pretty sure we all know the worst part about stowing away on a cruise ship is not the black leather patch you need to wear over your eye nor perching a parrot on your shoulder so you fit in with the crowd. The worst aspect of stowing away is that you have no control over where you go or when you arrive, and who knows who your shipmates might be: pirates, thieves, boomers. Continue reading


1 ASTRO CLOCK 2814 E1.jpgTHE TRUE ORIGIN OF PRAGUE’S ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK HAS BEEN SHROUDED for centuries. No one knew or remembered who had created the thing, and many myths about the clock abound. The most famous legend is that it was built in the first decade of the 1400’s by a master clockmaker named Hanus. The city councilors loved the clock so much that when they feared Hanus intended to build another clock for a nearby town, they had him blinded, so he couldn’t. Apparently, humans have always been so very human. You simply just don’t get to sit at the top of the food chain by being a pussy is the obvious lesson we keep handing down to the next generation.

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YOU MIGHT WONDER JUST WHY THERE IS NO STARBUCKS IN BLARICUM. And no other franchised eateries. And no hotel chains. The busiest place in town, and favorite local gathering spot, is Ijssalon de Hoop, a family-run, home-made ice cream parlor, operated in the same location for generations. People line up all the way around the corner sometimes and cordially wait their turn to buy a cone and top it with real whipped cream; then they sit outside—in sun, in rain, in snow—at the over-sized picnic table or atop antique, metal milk churns and discuss the daily news, or the weather, which constantly changes from blistering sun to cloudy to chilly to monsoon downpour and back to sun in one afternoon. Or, they debate just how their garbage truck works, and they wonder if their glass actually gets recycled into three different colors—um…I made that last part up. Continue reading


THERE ARE FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS to look at the concept of “careful” when traveling. ONE: carefully observing carefully-constructed structures and artwork, meticulous in design displaying thought and attention to detail. TWO: being cautious of potential dangers around you, being prudent, guarded, protective. : THREE: doing or observing something done in a mindful fashion, unhurried, deliberate, measured. And FOUR: …um…OK, so maybe there’s only three.

  1. CAREFUL OBSERVANCE: observing carefully-constructed structures and artwork, meticulous in design displaying thought and attention to detail

Machu Picchu: Inca stones cut to fit without mortar, technique called ashlar

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4 CranesCloseSun 2057 E1SM
1 Agung 002 E1SM

Writing 101 Day 14, First Word & in a letter: Dawn


You’re a rusty dagger in the heart of this horizon. One white cloud—graceful and elegant—always shadows scenes like this. Today, a lone cumulus lays its somber consort on the tall grass, the way Picasso paints reclining nudes. Or Van Gogh…skies. Turns out, Van Gogh’s skies are closer to reality than what we see with our eyes. The sky is a swirling mass of living matter, constantly changing forms: liquid, solid, vapor. Our eyes see little. Certainly not reality. Nor a parallel universe where your heart rides a Harley, and dangerous things—like love and trust and honesty—abound.

2 ReemTowersRed 2336 E1SM

Here’s another truth we could never imagine from the heavens: Saturn is not our only planet with rings. And why is it so damn hard to change the way we feel? What are the rings made of? What binds a ring to one body, yet not another? You cannot believe anyone, but now, some people say Titan, a moon circling Uranus, has lakes and rivers and rain. But no water. An atmospheric soup of deadly gases. You say, “Trust me.” And yet, you trust no one. There will always be another lover waiting just around the corner. Dark matter holds everything together, black holes thrive.

3 SunTowerSun 0472 E1SM

You believe there is no rain on Titan. You believe there is no hare with amber eyes. You believe the stars are wrong in this picture. Sometimes, you cannot imagine what your god is thinking. At times like this, we look at each other, you and I. We see only the hilt of daggers. We see people wishing they could walk backward to September. We both imagine swallowing someone else’s pride.

5 RedStreaksCrane 6287 E1SM

Maybe we are the kind of people who imagine many things. We both imagine sipping high tea in a garden on the island of Loss and Faith. But we listen to A Symphony of Disappearing Beers. Call it wishful thinking. Or, call it karma, destiny, kismet. But we both know this unnatural selection is an allegory for heavy air. Heavy air, turns out, rises from the serrated horizon and veils the sunrise in a mist of vagaries we may never comprehend. We may never quite acquire the skills required to deal with dangerous things. We should have known.

Yours, truly.

6 RAK Sunrise 2503 E1SM

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3 Good Reasons to Buy a Tiny House

4-11 AMS hseMove 2818 E2SM

DP Photo Challenge: Afloat

Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking about my title? My blog is not meant to teach or help people get through their lives, so I offer little advice. However, here is one thing I have learned: you cannot always depend on people. But here is one thing you can depend on from me: if I say I’ll never do something, like go bungy jumping off a bridge in New Zealand or write a title like that, I probably will.

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The Clinic–Photo Rehab

View from my bedroom window

View from my bedroom window

I’ve just learned of a group of photographers who are in rehab. I’m not sure what that means because they were in the Photo 101 course, I believe, which I was not in…ever the outlier here. They seem a friendly and social group of folks, and they have invited other photographers to join in their group to share their work—some use iPhones, some SLR’s, and some post edit like pros. You can find the group and join in the fun at this site bridging lacunas, hosted by Lucile.

I resist post editing. Actually, I don’t do it. All my photos are straight out of the camera. I simply have not learned how to do editing, and I truly resist that learning curve on Photoshop. But one of the

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Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge

Roof of house in Ubud

Banana leaves and roof of house in Ubud

This photo is my submission to the Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge. The leaves are banana trees, and the structure is the tip of a traditional roof in Bali. I don’t think it’s your “average” concept of texture, but I liked the way the smoothness of the tattered leaves blended with the rustic and weathered tiles on the ancient roof.

Check out this site for details:


SERENDIPITY: Inspired by Neighbors– Build a post on a comment

View from Starbucks--Ubud

View from Starbucks–Ubud

One afternoon during the 2012 monsoon season in Bali, I wandered out of the rain and into KAFE, a restaurant on Jalan Hanoman in the mountain village of Ubud. KAFE is a lively and exotic place where locals as well as travelers—from minimalist backpackers to five-star tourists—tend to mingle. The food is wholesome and healthy, and you can drink the water and eat a salad without fear. Kafe oozes with atmosphere: a tropical café spiced with a dash of California bistro. Designed for hanging out and ecological rapport, all the furniture is made by hand from recycled wood. KAFE is a two-story affair with tables upstairs, some on the balcony overlooking the street below and temples in the distance. Downstairs, there’s an outdoor sidewalk area (for those who believe if there is no law against smoking in a restaurant, light up) and inside, an area designed for lounging: a raised platform with over-stuffed pillows on which to sit and lean against and a table two-feet, or so, high.

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