The Clinic–Photo Rehab

View from my bedroom window
View from my bedroom window

I’ve just learned of a group of photographers who are in rehab. I’m not sure what that means because they were in the Photo 101 course, I believe, which I was not in…ever the outlier here. They seem a friendly and social group of folks, and they have invited other photographers to join in their group to share their work—some use iPhones, some SLR’s, and some post edit like pros. You can find the group and join in the fun at this site bridging lacunas, hosted by Lucile.

I resist post editing. Actually, I don’t do it. All my photos are straight out of the camera. I simply have not learned how to do editing, and I truly resist that learning curve on Photoshop. But one of the

bloggers in rehab mentioned that she did her editing in iPhoto. I have iPhoto on my Mac Pro. I went there just to see what was what with it, and to see if I could manage a little post editing.

This is how professional I am. I moved a few of those little tabs, and watched the colors change on my photo. I saved this one. And cropped it just to see if I could. But I can’t tell you what changes I made, or how I got these colors, sorry. I like the original photo better, but at least I feel a little better about the possibilities of editing in the future, if for instance, I wanted to play with the “mood” or go monochrome with some photo. Or at least crop the thing.  The photo is the view out my bedroom window these days.

View from my bedroom window, cropped and fiddled with
View from my bedroom window, cropped and fiddled with

Shot with my Sony RX-10,      F2.8,      1 second exposure,      24mm (equivalent)


  1. This is so close to my own thinking that I had to stop by and give you a round of applause. 🙂 My own photos are of the ‘what you see is what you get’ variety, but it’s always good to know that you can learn, if you want to. And I love your original photo.

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