4 Sentient Memories: The Things We Treasure

lfDP Writing 101 Day 20: Possessions & Long-form writing

I’m not going to lie to you this time. My mind feels like a revolver with somebody else’s finger on the trigger. Writing this will be difficult. Why? I have been asked to write the story of my “prized possession” and to write a fairly “long” story, rather than a short riff about it. This feels difficult for a number of reasons.

First, I’m not a collector of possessions: no house, no band saw, no ‘65 Porsche. Most of my life has been a man in motion—moving from one town to another, moving from one job to another, moving from one country to another, one hobby to another, one life to another, one woman to another (okay that’s a story for another day). Even these days when I’m in my own country, I live in a motorhome and park in some lovely spot in the mountains or some other lovely spot by the sea. For most of my life, I was pretty much the poster child for minimalist living. Just recently, I purchased my first TV (and I’m not a young man), and, get this, I don’t even own a smartphone. I’m not a dinosaur, I just never wanted a phone that was smarter than me. Okay, I’m a dinosaur.

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