1 Charles Bridge+yellow 1873
Prague’s Charles Bridge hovers above the Vltava River while contemporary peddle boats molest the water and spoil photographs

2 Clock 2037
Prague’s medieval astronomical clock segways into a contemporary wedding in the Old Quarter.


girl-priest 1 3604
An Orthodox priest segways along with a contemporary heoine. Note: white clothes, black bag; black clothes, white bag.


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  1. Great succinct entry – the photos say it all! I love that last one, too, and am glad you pointed out the bags because I was focused on shoes and hair (as I am annoyingly wont to do). New photo technique? (I like it.)


    • Succinct…because I’m on the road and don’t have time to sit and ponder all the words I might say. And yeah…hair!! Technique…a new setting on camera is all. Or maybe I cleaned the lens that day??

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    • I know, it does look more like a painting. I’m not sure why it looks like that, it’s supposed to be a photograph. When you go to Britain, you might sneak over to Prague!!!

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      • We’re kind of wondering what that trip is going to look like now with everything going on there. The cruise lines must be in a panic. Already we’ve been given a FREE drink package valued at $1200. I wonder if there are a lot of people cancelling because of the mess. Wish they’d lower the fare a little bit. As to the picture, it’s probably just the distance. It certainly is beautiful. Reminded me of the Old Masters’ artwork. {{{Fish}}}


        • Drinks worth $1200!!! I couldn’t drink 1200 bucks worth of booze in a year, probably 10 years. I’d say by the time you’re ready to travel, there will be other things to worry about, not in Europe. You’ll be fine. Or maybe you’ll just get hit by a car before departure.


  2. Love them all but fear you may have started a whole new Viral Phenomenon with photo number 3.

    Did you happen to catch the whole debate a while back about the dress that some saw as white and gold and others as blue and black???


    On my screen (or through my eyes) in your picture 3, there is no black, only lavendar. His robes and her purse match, they match perfectly, each a pale lilac color…..

    Uh oh, am I having a stroke…………

    Love ya, Badfish! (That said in lieu of cutsie emoticons. I have none..)

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  3. Humorous and clever set, Badfish, and you have an unique perspective for sure. I’d take the yellow boats over the Segways. Prague is wonderful and I appreciate your fun take on opposites. πŸ™‚


  4. Hey bf! The peddle boats seem to add something nice – in my opinion they balance the composition with sprinkles of yellow to work in sync with the buildings – but truly a good opposite!

    And the third photo – what a weird shaped thigh this ” individual” has –
    I missed the bag and clothes contrast so I am glad u pointed them out!
    I also saw more opposites after that / like in posture – shoes – hair – etc.
    Such a striking image !

    And side note – your processing here reminds me a bit of “redstuff dan’s ” photos – well still yours and all that – but for a second it felt like a post on his blog – but then u gave us a monk – oh yeah! Hah!


    • Yeah, I see what you mean about adding something to the photo composition, in one way they do, I guess. Reality though, is reality! Thigh? What thigh are you talking about? I wondered if people would pick up on the contrast in color. I also thought to mention “hair.” I will take a look at redstuff dan, I’m not familiar with his work. I hope you LOVE his stuff though..

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      • Hi – well the thigh on lady with purse – turns out int was normal – it was the white background that made the thigh look balloon shaped – but I looked closer and it is normal – ha!
        And yes – I “love” redstuff dan’s work – it is professional and super high end –
        Oh and i might not be back on this blog for a while – sorry for late (or no) replies – peace out and safe travels bf!

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  5. The river/bridge pic is almost like a painting, nice clouds and pretty buildings… I see what you mean about the peddle boats marring the photo, though it is still beautiful. Love the astrological clock and guy on the modern vehicle…bride and groom timeless. The two in the last photo could exchange bags πŸ™‚

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    • Yeah, I love Prague. Felt right at home there. You got a really good shot, thanks for sharing your photo!! I never got the classic sundown shot in Prague…I was either on the wrong side of the river, or it was overcast.

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  6. The first picture is like a painting ❀
    The last one is the candid one and i liked it the most πŸ˜‰ I especially like those heels πŸ˜€


  7. Eye catching sets of opposites. The last one of the odd couple is a good one. Maybe, just maybe, they are meant to be a match made in heaven πŸ˜€ The world works in the strangest of ways. Maybe she turned around and looked back at priest πŸ˜€

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