Capture the Heart & Harmony of a Place in Only 9 Photos

“The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.” ~ Britney Spears

1 Heade 6364 E1SM

FOR KICKS, LET’S JUST SAY YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. You are flying home from a photo shoot in—okay, say—Burma where you photographed Angelina Jolie in a  wisp of see-through silk on the deck of a tramp steamer paddle wheeling its way down the Irrawaddy River. We’ll assume you are a little older (or a bit of a rogue) because you prefer to call it by its former, more exotic-sounding name, Burma, rather than its new name Myanmar, which, first of all is harder to say and second, not exotic. Let’s assume your Air India flight lands in Trivandrum, and you have a one-day layover. You have always wanted to visit the oceanside hamlet of Varkala. You hire a taxi to drive you up the Southeast coast of Kerala from the airport. Continue reading



1 Anklet 3836

A silver anklet encircles a woman’s ankle, Kerala, India

WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG, the Brits call it “going pear-shaped.” I don’t know the origin of that idiom, but I’m guessing that if everything is going fine, it’s shaped like a circle or round. When things go awry, maybe things get loopy and elongate into a pear shape. That’s my American take on the British vernacular. I could be way off on this. Continue reading