3 Big Pieces of Rock

DP Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Machhapuchchhre (fish tail) Mountain, Pokara, Nepal

Machhapuchchhre (fish tail) Mountain, Pokhara, Nepal

Machhapuchchhre. Say that three times real fast. I’m very, very disenchanted by the forces of nature this week, especially the shifting of tectonic plates in the Himalayas that demolished numerous ancient World Heritage site buildings in Nepal, and burying hundreds of people under the rubble.

It’s one thing when one human does something unnatural to another human—plunder, assault, molest. You shake your head and say…wth, why can’t we all just get along? But when nature does its thing–earth quake, typhoon, volcano eruption, tsunami—all you can do is sit there with your fingertips in your mouth and gape at how picayune a force we humans really are in the realm of all things on the planet. Continue reading

POWER BLOGGING and YOU and ME: Photo 101 Five-in-One

AMS Bkhoe5450 E1SM

Conundrum of the day: I’m ambivalent about email notices. I’m fairly new to the blogging scene, my site is only a few months old, I have only a handful of followers who actually follow me, but many more who “like” me from time to time. And this week, I learned a new word regarding bloggers: “power blogging.” OK, two words. I’m not quite sure of the definition, but I’m told if you google it, you can find a list of the “top 50 power bloggers.” I have not taken time to do that. Yet. But I might sooner or later, just to find out what the concept, and the hype, is all about.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: SHADOWS

I’m not the kind of photographer who sets things up, or imagines a photo and then creates it. I’m more the seat-of-the-pants, hope-I’ll-run-across-a-photo kind of photographer. I want to learn Photoshop, but I’ve never used it yet. This takes more luck than skill. You gotta be in the right place at the right time. Take this photo for instance, taken in Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly where the Anasazi tribe hung out–grew crops, raised livestock–for a while and then some how…disappeared. No one knows the story. Drought, Apaches, dead dirt? Anyway, here I am peering into their land, when the sun was in the right place to create my shadow below me.Canyon de Chelly