Badfish’s first post on 17 January 2015:   Serenity  

 1 Kerala T 7063sm

Most everyone aboard the 90-minute Air India flight from the Maldives to India is heading home on vacation. There are perhaps ten other Western travelers onboard. The plane is not large, and surprisingly, little more than half full, a rare and enjoyable event when traveling these days. There is one toddler aboard; he riddles the plane with squeals and tramples the toes of one man’s patience. Continue reading


Monsoon in Goa

Monsoon in Goa

SEX IS NO FOUR-LETTER WORD. BUT GOA IS—if it just so happens you wash up on her Arabian Sea shores during an off season experiencing the wettest monsoon in sixty years. You see swollen rivers overrunning bridges with brown, muddy water. You see boats run aground or half submerged. You see roads broken like cracked eggs. You see newspaper articles of people dying. Houses buried under mud slides. Animals washed away. Trees splitting in two. Towns and houses thigh-deep under water. Drinking wells filling with undrinkable muck. Continue reading


WoodCut E1SM 2571

DP Photo Challenge: Intricate

Hammurabi’s Code is intricate. First, it is a set of laws written in the ancient Akkadian language, in a cuneiform script. Second, it is carved on an upright stone stele the size of a person and curved in the shape of a fingertip. Third, it consists of 282 separate rules, and penalties for breaking the rules. Close to 4,000 years ago in Babylon, Hammurabi’s Code laid down the law for everything from stealing your neighbor’s goat, to “surprising” your neighbor’s wife in bed, to how much a ferry boat hire for a day should cost, to the fine for harboring someone else’s female slave in your house and not telling him she was there.

The rules are not only intricate, they are also fairly harsh. If a son hits his father, the son’s hand is Continue reading

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: WHEELS

Bike+Milkcans Sepia 7322SM

Buffalo milk purveyor’s bicycle, Pune, India

Nodody has only good things to say about India. But sometimes—while following your bliss—you travel to a place you always dreamed of going. Elation allows you to view the place in a surreal light. Gratitude allows you to wander around wearing those proverbial rose-colored glasses. Everything you see appears to shine in its own spotlight. Euphoria drugs you into believing heaven is some place on earth. And then one day (a week, two weeks, a month later) after the dream wears away, reality rears a snout full of teeth and bites you in the butt.

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