PARTNERS: for now

xxWED Castle1 2647 E-2 SM

Posting on the run…so to speak, no time for words for awhile, maybe. Traveling is a lot of work…but, like they say, SOMEBODY has to do it.

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  1. Hahaha! Partners for now. Just a tad wee bit jaded, I’d say….but you know…50% and all. At least it is a happy day for them…hopefully.


  2. Ha Ha great photo nonetheless. I am not one for traditional weddings or for marriage itself necessarily, (unless there is a good reason!) but this title and image brought a smile to my face.

    I know.. its such hard work, aint it??



  3. For now, until the wind picks up and lifts her off the ground like a kite. Hope the guy has a strong string attached.


  4. Well I guess the chances are about 50/50 of it lasting. I sometimes wonder “why bother!!!” Looking forward to finding out where in the world you are now…


    • 50% is the American average, but in this part of the world, the odds are a little better. But who can know, eh? I am currently in Prague, the photo is in Prague at the castle, that’s the castle’s church behind the couple.

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  5. what lovely pictures…and oh how I envy you re your travels. Prague sounds great, and my son has mentioned Amsterdam in his business travels. The closest I ever got was Germany, much later Spain.


    • Eastern Europe!! Of all places. Never thought this summer would end up there!! How’d that happen? I think I’m going to Malta next. So probably not Bali, but…don’t count that out yet!! You still on schedule in Indonesia?


      • Well how cool is that?!?! Love where you are traveling. We are right on schedule for Indonesia. In Darwin now after a successful sail through the Endeavor Strait and into the Indian Ocean. Even had some time to visit Kakadu and see the Jumping Crocodiles. Thanks for the tip Mr Badfish. Loved it.

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        • I know…life is cool. Sometimes you just gotta go with what life throws at you. I love Kakadu. So glad you got there and that you saw the jumping crocs. Scary, eh? I hate crocs. No, I don’t hate animals, it’s just that crocs scare me. I respect the shit out of crocs, not hate them.

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  6. Beautiful snapshot of this couple. They look so in love that they didn’t spot you lurking on them. Run, Badfish, run! Run where your travels take you and don’t slow down – it’s an adventure of a lifetime 😀

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    • Well…you’re right about one thing…I am feeling like I’m running. Here, there, everywhere all at once. Travel is hard. But then you get a good photo sometimes…


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