And then the sun shines

I’m adding this photo merely to see if my blog is connected to Facebook, because what happened when I tried to do it is very different than what the “directions” say how to do it. Also, I’m testing a pingback._Mango-color0006

Pingback?: PINGBACK


  1. Now that’s weird. The pingback did not work for alisonanddon, but yours did work. I thought I copied a post url from their site. But I kept getting a message saying it didn’t work, or danger something. And no, my post did not show up on FB either. So apparently, you have to go through the steps, even though I got a message stating it was done, set up. Poop.


  2. SUCCESS!!! I think I must have left out a dot or a backslash or something, because I finally got it to work. I actually was using a url from a post url. Thanks…MUCH


  3. good luck. but really, what do we need a pingback for anywho? I like this photo, but I wish I knew PS, there are some things I’d like to do to it. I had an ex-student who was going to help me with this whole blog gig, and PS. But she just got a job! karma…


  4. Hi Ya’all, I am trying to connect to my Facebook and Twitter accounts too. duh! Not a clue what I am meant to do. I followed all the directions, but I don’t know what is supposed to happen next. I don’t get much traffic on either, so I am not expecting anything to happen?lol 💚


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