And then the sun shines

I’m adding this photo merely to see if my blog is connected to Facebook, because what happened when I tried to do it is very different than what the “directions” say how to do it. Also, I’m testing a pingback._Mango-color0006

Pingback?: PINGBACK


  1. Now that’s weird. The pingback did not work for alisonanddon, but yours did work. I thought I copied a post url from their site. But I kept getting a message saying it didn’t work, or danger something. And no, my post did not show up on FB either. So apparently, you have to go through the steps, even though I got a message stating it was done, set up. Poop.


  2. SUCCESS!!! I think I must have left out a dot or a backslash or something, because I finally got it to work. I actually was using a url from a post url. Thanks…MUCH


  3. good luck. but really, what do we need a pingback for anywho? I like this photo, but I wish I knew PS, there are some things I’d like to do to it. I had an ex-student who was going to help me with this whole blog gig, and PS. But she just got a job! karma…


    • If you click on reply right under the comment then the person who made the comment knows the reply is for them.
      If you click on the general “reply” space no one knows what comment you’re replying to.
      For my comment above my email said ‘Badfish2 commented on And then the sun shines’
      If you’d clicked on ‘reply’ directly under my comment the email would have specified who you were replying to.


  4. Hi Ya’all, I am trying to connect to my Facebook and Twitter accounts too. duh! Not a clue what I am meant to do. I followed all the directions, but I don’t know what is supposed to happen next. I don’t get much traffic on either, so I am not expecting anything to happen?lol 💚


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