2-17 Rehab CIGwindow_9200
Please, no smoking in the Amsterdam canal house, please

Today’s theme is “Looking Away.”  I’ve slightly altered the concept, perhaps, to something closer to “Looking the other way.”    I shot this one sunny day in Amsterdam with a Canon G6 at F2.8 at 1/800 sec. This is one of those times you might wish you had a truly telephoto lens, something like a 500 or 600mm with professional optics. The little G6, extended to the equivalent of 140mm, leaves a bit of noise and softness in the photo. Please “look away” from that weakness.

“The Clinic – Photo101 Rehab is an event for everyone who loves photography, and wants to be part of a community of like-minded people, who are also fun to be with. All you need to bring is your passion,” says host Lucile de Godoy on her wonderful site which hosts this (not exactly) photo challenge. Folks who join in the fun are “addicted” to taking photos: hence, Photo Rehab. You can find her site along with lists of other like-minded addicts here.


  1. Great eye, and what a beautiful photo! I really don’t care about the so-called ‘weakness’; it adds a soft effect which is nice.
    Thank you so much for joining again and for mentioning it on your blog. It’s much appreciated.
    Have a beautiful day!

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  2. Cool. I signed up, but I’m actually considering retaking Blogging 101 again instead of the Photo 101 because I missed a few things. Tell me something…your Home page is all alone, no scrolling. Can all blogs do that? Is that what they call a static page?
    And thanks, I am happy you like my photos.

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