Photo Challenge: RULE OF THIRDS

This week’s photo challenge relates to the artist’s “rule of thirds.” If you would like to join in, you can find information and other photographers’ entries here: Rule of Thirds

ivory buddha tibet_8313


    • I love that you are ALWAYS the first to reply. Do you have a buzzer that informs you of when someone posts something, or are you like super-glued to your MacBook Pro? I’ve been so busy, I have not even read your last post!! The Tibetan guy in Goa, India, who sold me that Buddha told me it came from Tibet. I got it for a very reasonable price, it was missing the third-eye stone. But when I touch it, I feel…something.

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      • I am not glued to my computer, but we are travelling slow these days. Plenty of time for blogging. We arrived in NZ last night so in a day or two we may start getting busier with sight seeing and hiking the beautiful wilderness here. *Then* you’ll miss me 🙂


    • Yes, it’s one of my favorite travel purchases, which I tend to keep small or made out of bamboo. And when the street vendor from Nepal first offered it to me, I did not want to buy it. Then he persisted with his spiel until I saw its beauty underneath the grime it had collected as it traveled with him in his bag. So yeah, a very good find!


  1. Great blog post, I have traveled, only 34 countries on my passport, your photos and descriptions of your adventures, worthy of reading and I am pressed to pack my bags for a foreign destination. Oh! I forgot I am leaving for a wild and foreign place next week, New York.
    You are an excellent photographer and writer.
    Thanks, Warren Cullar.

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    • Warren,
      Thanks so much for visiting my site, and commenting. I truly appreciate your…appreciation of my work. Thanks so much. And listen, my advice about New York is this: do not go. I’ve heard tales of people venturing there and never returning! I was born there, but only lived there a couple years, don’t remember anything from that time.


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