Photo 101: FIVE-in-ONE                   1. TREASURE & CLOSE-UP

1 CockCage E1SM

I’ve said it before: everything is relative. What is garbage to you may be gold in someone else’s eyes. A chicken is a tasty supper to one person. To another, a loved and treasured pet. This rooster is a treasure to his owner (at this point in his life). Cock fighting is not exactly legal in Indonesia. And gambling is very illegal, but you still see cock fights, sometimes under the guise of a religious blood-letting ceremony, so police look the other way at those times. Sometimes, the fights are just illegal, and police will haul your fine ass off to jail. Most every time, sanctioned or not, it ends poorly for one of the cocks and usually gets pretty messy since the birds have razor-sharp blades (called taji) attached to one of their legs. Then one or both of them, depending on their wounds, may become dinner. Along any road in Bali, you may see cocks held under this type of basket, awaiting their destiny.

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