Badfish Who?

I left home the first time riding my tricycle–with a peanut butter sandwich tied to the back of my bike–when I was four years old. My parents found me beside Interstate Route 40, too afraid to cross, and eating my peanut butter sandwich. All I wanted to do for the rest of my life was to follow that road wherever it was going. Or follow that path. Or walk down that alley just to see where it went.

I left home the second time in a ’56 Chevy coupe with a V-8 engine and glass pack mufflers. I was a little-better prepared, but still carrying peanut butter sandwiches in the cooler. I turned west on Route 40 and drove all the way to Santa Monica. And I’ve been ‘moving on’ ever since. I’ve lived in a dozen states (visited all but 4 states), and I gave up counting visas after sixty countries in my passports.

I’ve been collecting sunsets and avoiding dysentery for years now, decades actually. And I’ve been taking photographs of places and people in various locales. I’ve got stacks of notebooks full of thoughts and traumas. I’ve got boxes full of 35mm slides, and external hard drives, and stacks of notebooks filled with notes and stories of my journeys. I always thought I’d end up writing a book and displaying my photographs in it, but I do not seem to possess the discipline it takes to actually sit your butt down long enough to write the thing.

So if you like what you read, or like the photographs you see here at Badfish and Chips Cafe, that will make my life of vagabonding all worthwhile. Things are always just what they are. Sometimes, as they like to say, you have to go with the flow, and be happy with what is.

This is what is today: I’ve been living out of the USA for the past 16 years; I’m currently basing my journeys, and life,  in Abu Dhabi with hair turning gray — still roaming, still gandering down strange paths, still eating peanut butter sandwiches.


    • Mitch…Whoa! Well, thank you SO much. I truly appreciate this, and humbly accept. I’m presently traveling out of the country, so will follow up with this when I return. But again…thanks, for making my day!


  1. Your “About” page has fired up my imagination. Your travels found awesome. YOU sound awesome. If you wrote a book, I would buy it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the follow!


  2. Vagabonding is seriously awesome! You are an inspiration to a person like me! All I want to do is get on the road and travel. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with us. Love them. Keep going. Have the world. 🙂


      • Were you afraid when you first started?
        I understand that’s a question you may or may not want to answer. I’ll wait anyway. 🙂

        Have a wonderful weekend dear. 🙂


          • Yes… The first time you traveled and then you decided to travel full time? How did the transition happen? If there’s a post about this already please be kind enough to point me there 🙂


          • Hemangini…actually, there is no post about my transition. I’m not actually traveling fulltime presently, just traveling quite a bit, maybe three or four trips a year. I live in Abu Dhabi. So most of my posts are fairly recent journeys. But next year, it may be fulltime travel, or fulltime living in some weird place!

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          • ooh, I look forward to your full time journeys too then.. Your posts so far have been fun and honest. I like the simple natural beauty of places I read till now.

            Keep writing and photographing. I love it. 🙂 All the best for your year long travel. Bless you.

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  3. This is a very well written, interesting article about you! I enjoyed reading it and getting to know you and an idea of your blog better. 🙂 Keep going with tasty peanut butter sandwiches towards your happiness! 🙂
    Best wishes,


  4. I can so identify with the four-year old looking at the road. My favourite book as a child was a big atlas. I had adventures in every country in the magical theatre of my imagination.
    So pleased to have found your blog, thanks to Marsha. 😊

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    • I thought I’d come and respond here to your reply over at Calen’s… First, I have missed you!!! I’ve been on sabbatical from online. Doing a lot of good path work. Much needed. In fact, it’s very spooky that you answered; Calen told me – we talk on the phone every week – because I’m just starting to transition over to vegan, and it’s suggested that I find others who are vegan to be able to talk about stuff, and suddenly there you are, and I’m not even sure if you are, but, I know you’re on some wave length close to it. Anyway, that’s up with me. I have all your post since I heading off to the mountains saved to read when I get back online. TONS to catch up on, I imagine. Your travels are legend, just like you are. 🙂

      Lots of hugs!


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