In Ubud, you can rent a small house with Western-style (sort of) amenities at fairly reasonable prices: hot water, electricity, fridge, pool. Or you can rent a larger “villa” with five-star amenities (and price): marble, teak, maid. If you’re good at bargaining, you can sometimes negotiate to have breakfast included. I rented this small house, with breakfast (but no pool) a while back, and for some reason, I thought the actual flowers bordering the one carved in stone seemed interesting, and somehow soothing to view. But maybe it’s just me and my memory of the good times behind that wall. There was an outrageous view of a valley and the Sungai River cutting through it from inside the house.

carvedflower 6570

This is in response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge. Today’s theme is Serenity.

This is for the pingback:Serenity


  1. Yeah, I get a peaceful feeling when I look at it. I was going to send another photo, of a garden. Then found this, and thought it more serene. As for pingbacks–I didn’t really learn how to do it, they gave me the url that created the pingback. But what did you get…I mean, what’s a pingback look like when you get one?


  2. When I’ve done a pingback to an earlier post on my own blog I get an email notification to approve it. When someone does a pingback to my blog again I get email notification to approve it. I’ve never been able to figure out how to do a pingback to another person’s blog.

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  3. Most excellent to have the chance to read and see your first post ever! You’ve come a long way! Yet, even then, there was the hint of how magnificent your blog would become; how chock full of wisdom, and harrowing stories, alongside of tales of time spent in the peace of communing with rice paddies. AND you called it Serenity – one more spooky thing!

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