I’m joining this week’s Phoneography & Non-SLR Digital Device Photo Challenge hosted by Lens and Pens by Sally, which you can find here:

You might want to visit her blog to view Sally’s striking photos, as well her to read her insightful writings.   You can also find links to other photographers’ entries in the Challenge.

This week the theme is nature.   Because I still am the only person on planet Earth who has never owned a smart phone (who wants a phone smarter than themselves?), I have again used my iPad 4 (or 5, who knows these things?).

If anyone can point me in the direction of the support that shows you how to hide the url and have a word appear in its place, I would appreciate that.



  1. Hey! Awesome picture. If you want to make a particular word a link it’s easy, highlight the word you want to use as the link and then use the little icon that looks like a paper clip, it’s called a hyperlink, when you click the little icon a box will appear and you just past the link into the URL bar and it will automatically change the word you chose into a hyperlink so you don’t have to paste a whole link into your blog posts 🙂 hope that makes sense


  2. The iPad is working well for you. The image shows the soft textures and lyrical quality of the fern. In order to have a word as the link, you must go to your dashboard, and click on the link button. Then you put the URL in the top line and on the second you put the name of the blog. If that doesn’t explain it. Type your question into your browser and it will probably give you an explanation by WordPress. Happy Photo Challenge.


    • Yeah, the iPad seems to do well most of the time. However, I think I’m going to purchase a smartphone (for the first time ever) fairly soon. I’ve resisted them until now, but they are just too handy, and now I have a reason to photograph with it…your challenges. I haven’t tried the “link” thing yet, but thanks for that info, too. It seems so much more professional than the whole link in a post.


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