Daily Post Photo Challenge: ORANGE

Monument Valley at sundown after heavy rain
Monument Valley at sundown after heavy rain

8 PeruHotel5342 E1SM
17th century hacienda, Cuzco, Peru
4 ladyPeru4992 E1SM
Traditional hat worn by women, Arequipa, Peru
5 RishikeshBridge 1287 E1SM
Rishikesh, India–Laxshman Jhula suspension bridge over the Ganga River
2 RishikeshTurban 1265 E1SM
Rishikesh, India–Ganga River and dudes in turbans
3 GaneshF-fly 0157 E1SM
Ubud, Bali–Ganesha with dragon fly
6 Koy 1462 E1SM
Ubud, Bali–koi fish
Cambodia Buddha, near Angkor Wat
Cambodia Buddha, near Angkor Wat

I think I would be remiss if I neglected to show off my newly revised, super-bad logo once again…which I have procrastinated in inserting on my site. But will soon.

New, “badder” logo (thanks to also-bad Fim Noir) at Quantum Hermit

For more examples of ORANGE: Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?


  1. Yowza! So beautiful a collection! I want to go live in the 17th Century Hacienda in Cuzco, Peru! But I’ve wanted to go there all along! I have some kind of connection with Machu Picchu.

    What a collection of astounding photos! And YAY! *clapping* to see Badfish Logo heading for the spotlight. Koi, dragon flies, turbans , splendid elders making their way through their day, Bridges, Monuments, and beautiful Buddhas!

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    • You know, I’ve been following some photographers who create scenes, using models and dress them up in various types/styles of dresses. And photograph them. I can’t even imagine doing that. But if I see a shot, I might be able to capture it. Luck plays a big part. Like the Monument. Happened to rain, happened to clear, I happened to be there.

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      • Hmmm… that sounds like fashion photography, or magazines. Only it sounds like you’re saying they do it just for the sheer creativity of creating an atmosphere? Interesting.
        I’m sure luck plays a part, like you said, but you’re holding that camera, and you see the possibility, and from what I see, you’ve got the vision. Most important, is you’re following your passion. I can’t think of anything better than that!

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      • I wish I were truly following my passion right now. I’m beginning to write and at least post on a blog. That’s the most writing I’ve done in a long time. Yay for blogs!

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    • Jeff…you da man! Everyone else (well they are women) are calling the new logo “cute”! And as for the light in Monument Valley…yes, the powers that be were aware of me. And there is quite a story behind that rainy day, which sooner or later I will have to write about. It’s nothing as epic as your volcano climb (I drove right there), but almost as humorous (if I tell it right).


    • Thanks much, I too like the shot of that woman. It’s not as “loud” as some of the others, it doesn’t shout, but it has a certain quietness that I like. Something blocked the sun from her…I would have liked her to be “in” the sun more. Thanks again for visiting.


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