Weekly Photo Challenge: FRESH

ALOE vera plant with flower stalk emerging
ALOE vera plant with flower stalk emerging
Hot peppers just off the plant
Hot peppers just off the plant

If you saw my most-recent post, earlier today, regarding my concern over too many email messages from bloggers, you may be slightly appalled, or at least slightly incredulous, that I might post two in one day. But I have a good excuse: it took me all day yesterday and most of the morning today to write that first post and select photos (photos take time to find when you have no filing system!). Plus, if a power blogger can make $200,000 a week and posts more than once a day, maybe it’s time I got over the email nonsense and took up some power-blogging habits. If you see another post from me today, don’t spit at your laptop’s screen. Where I come from, “motivation” is what we call $200,000 a week.

You can click here to find rules and view other participants in this week’s challenge: Fresh


  1. Good morning bad-cute fish.
    Well, it took time to choose but you made a great selection. I especially love the peppers (also in real life).
    I see that you are on your way to becoming a power blogger. Let me run to your older post.

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    • Thanks! And it’s interesting that in your mind, peppers are not “fresh.” I love hot peppers, eat them raw like that. I could have used an apple, but that seems so cliche, eh? Thanks for visiting

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  2. re the power blogging thing… way back when i was a fresh starstruck blogger — way back in january.. seems so long ago… and was doing a coupla posts a day and sometimes more – i had a coupla people mail and say – ‘hey debbie, slow down…. save some of your stuff for later’… and was advised… slow down else people will de-follow .. or un-follow… and a couple did around that time… so whats the balance? too much and it scares people off – power blogging and rake in the $$…
    as with all things, theres always the success stories that people doing such and such make $$$$…. but ya know… we can’t all.. i guess. nice pepper pics. nicer aloe vera pic. 🙂

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    • That’s interesting! What to do? This or that. Fun or money. I think I’m going the fun route, I don’t want blogging to become a chore. But so far, it is immensely FUN! I’m addicted!

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  3. Hi badfish – one day this year I am going to spend some time exploring your past posts – because it seems like there is good stuff here.
    in this post, I love the lighting in the first aloe shot – and the professional feeling of the whole thing is excellent.

    then… the peppers- lined up to the side – feeling arranged but not too much – well another rood shot – and I agree – the apple would have been too cliche. also, chocolate and peppers – delish….
    oh and one last comment (because as I am sure you can tell I had the chance to read the comments)
    well, if you want to change your email with the blog – keep in mind that each time you do you will have to reassign the photo for your gravatar – and then that new email will not yet be approved when you leave comments – and so each time I have changed my email in the settings, bloggers have to re-approve my comments (if they have their settings set up to approve the first one…)

    have a nice day!

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    • Thanks for visiting, and I hope you get the chance to peruse some more, later this year. Let me know when you do! Now, you’ve got me worried, though, about changing my email address!! I don’t want to mess with one more cyber-thingy!

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      • well it is not difficult to change the email – and sometimes it is nice to keep a separate email for “all blog stuff” – but if it is working thus far – well keep doing what you do.
        good night… 🙂


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