PepperBig1 0490 SM

I find it amusing today that I have no muse to amuse me into writing something amusing. So all we get is a photo for the Photo Challenge. Whenever I have nothing to photograph, I look in the kitchen.

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  1. You can’t actually pop one of those suckers in your mouth and eat them, can you??? We eat a lot of Mexican food (and Indian since our daughter is from India) so we’re used to hot stuff. But I’ve never fiddled around with these…

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    • I like hot stuff. But no. I don’t just pop one in my mouth and eat it. Especially these, because these are really hot. A jalepeno, I can bite and eat. And these, are dried, so if you did bite one, it would fall apart in your mouth. You grind them and sprinkle it on stuff.
      Mexican food—I’m craving it. Don’t get much here on the other side of the world. Indian, yes…which I also love.


    • A Liebster award. Lena, thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. Don’t know why you thought I might not (on your post)? And I tried to comment on your post, but couldn’t, the comment box wouldn’t open…what’s up with that? Also, just so you know, it may take a while for me to get around to responding to the award, but thanks again, sooo much!

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  2. A click is worth a thousand words… or so it is said, about pictures. Of course, your usual combo is thrilling. Now about the Red Hot Chili Peppers… I’ve loved their music, here and there. So consider your MUSical contribution happily received. πŸ™‚

    Of course, the question on our minds is, does your muselessness extend to the chatterbox playground? If memory serves me, I believe it does not… because you were on the comment train long before you graced us with your fabulous words of wisdom.

    Peace Out!

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    • Earth to Fim, Earth to Fim…are you there, come in. Over.
      Please bring your head out of outer space and back down here on earth so we know what you’re talking about. Please. But no, I mean yes. No, it’s no. I have muselessness everywhere. So I guess that’s a yes.

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  3. Ahhh Peppers! I kept looking but couldn’t find my picture of peppers I saw at a wayside stand in Alabama on a place called “Mountaintop” in Steele, AL. There was no one monitoring it, just prices, a scale and a bucket for you to put your money in when you were through picking your items out.
    I couldn’t resist the shot because all the peppers were lined up by color, bright, yellows, orange, reds and green. On the other side were the veggies with the biggest display being the peppers.
    I had intended to paint a picture of them and still might if I can every find the original since it showed the colors more vibrantly than the copy does. If I ever find it, I will share with you. I think you’d like it.
    I guess peppers are inspiring.
    Btw – Fimnora speaking about the Venus/Jupiter alignment coming Tuesday, it has been rumored that the last time that this occurred in this close of a proximity (so that the light appears even more brilliant) was when Jesus was born, hence it’s nickname, “Bethlehem Star”.

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  5. i have a vase full of dried peppers, seemed a better use for the vase than flowers no need to change the water or pull out dead leaves. but then i ran into an even bigger problem, dusting them. back to the kitchen, i guess!


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