IntoFog 2662 copy

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    • This, dear one, is the mind of Badfish. One minute, this. The next minute, that. It has disappointed people all my life.
      Oh, and I begin each semester telling my students two things: one, nothing is fair. And two, don’t trust anyone. It’s usually the only things they remember from the course.

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  1. I LOVE this photo… beyond anything, the sense of everything is made of stone, wonderful! But what a gorgeous composition. I don’t know if the outside of the blind really has that image on it, or if it was photo manipulation, of the finest kind. There is a sense of moving between two realities.

    I do hope you’ll give a hint of whether this is a composite, or wysiwig.

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful!


    • Thanks, see, I finally got back to submitting something for your challenge!! Took me long enough, eh? I keep reading your blog, love your stuff. I’m just busy.


    • Oh, cool! I’m honored. I just love all the challenges you host, it must be soooo time consuming, but you just keep ahead of everything, and keep moving forward. I have a problem with keeping up with things! Thanks again, glad you liked it. A weird perspective, eh.


  2. We have tons of fog in our area in the winter. You found several photo challenges I didn’t know about, and I maintain a list of them. 🙂


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