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You might not hear from me for a while. I’m not packed. I don’t know where I’m staying. I’m pondering the option of adding Kunming to the itinerary. Burma takes only crisp dollar bills—ain’t no crisp dollar bills available. And here’s a story: I just cut my ATM card in half thinking it was an extra credit card. Where is the B&W in life? So I’m offering a wonderful post by a Badfish and Chips Cafe customer, Debbie from Spaceship China.

spaceship china

Saturday morning. An insipid dishwater of a day, if the sky’s anything to go by. The horizon’s worse, five solid inches, from where I stand, of yellow-grey sludge. We’re breathing that stuff in? I look away.

No photo, of course, how could you take a photo of something you can’t bear to look at? Saturday morning’s for lazing in, checking your emails, and finding out what the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge is. In this instance, its called One Love. You wonder what everyone else is doing with the challenge, but have no time to look, cause you’re drowning in a sea of Chinese characters that you write again and again to memorise.

that sea of characters i’m trying to write

When you finally get out, the day looks better. Looking straight upwards the sky looks blue – well, let’s say blue-ish. You don’t think any more about what the…

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  1. You cut up your ATM card? Ugh. Sending calming and peaceful planned thoughts your way Badfish. Hope you have a marvelous trip and looking forward to the stories.


  2. WOW Badfish – a repost from the golden haired son of the Blogging Gods himself! I am so honoured! that ATM card – dont worry about it. that’s your higher self – the one that simply knows unplanned trips are the way of the cosmic universe for fishes, bad or otherwise, and sending you a bit of unplanned hassles for you to nudge your way back into unplanned heaven! ride the waves! surf the wild seas of no cards and no cash! trust those crisp dollar bills are gonna arrive out of nowhere, just in the nick of time!
    and you could always ask the bhutanese if they will accept a sticky-taped together atm card! :), just in case…..
    thanks again for the re-blog! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ( made my day)

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  3. You will manage…maybe lose a kilo or two…? But oh, the aching when you realized…Have a great trip when you are balanced again!


  4. I did that! I cut my ATM card in half because it was the same color as a Macy’s card, which I didn’t want. I guess we have stupidity in common also. (The good kind of stupidity.) Enjoy the trip and I’ll go read Debbie’s post now.

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    • You’ve made my day. I’m not the only one to do this!! Just didn’t look, and the expiration was the end of next month, and all my cards are sending replacements with those chip things.

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  5. Sorry to hear about your ATM card. I’ve had my share of financial problems in the past, but that’s a new one to me. Anyway, I hope you have a great trip.


  6. I guess I forgot to mention the crisp dollar bills 😦
    Maybe you can get them in Bangkok. Places to stay will emerge when they’re needed. Don’t add Kunming you idiot 🙂
    Have a very good time. Just let it all unfold. Surrender to the not knowing – I think you’ve had a lot of practice at that in the past.
    Hugs, Alison


    • HA! Kunming was an option because I would be traveling all day just to get from Myanmar to Dhaka. Kunming is 45 minutes away…with a 20-hour layover. But I don’t think I’ll do that.

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  7. I cut a card two days ago, I hope it was the right card to cut. Anyway, go get a new ATM card before traveling to Myanmar (that’s the name I grew up with)! It will come really handy.


  8. Can’t wait for your return with amazing stories. Don’t let one of the stories be that you robbed a bank because you needed cash(because of no ATM Card!)
    Safe travels!


  9. 3 nights of no sleeps!!! I am so excited for you seeing as you haven’t time to be excited for yourself. I remember when we all travelled with travellers checks, no credit cards back in the dark ages… Remember them? Maybe they are not available any more, along with crisp dollar bills… Also no internet (how did we manage without Google maps!!!) No mobile, no connection with the other side, just vanished into a dark hole of travel. Ah those were the days. (well maybe not!!!) Now I’ll go over to Debbie, thanks for the link

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  10. Happy Trails Dude! You’re where you’re supposed to be, and everything happens at the rate at which it happens; no faster, no slower. You’re still the same traveler, just don’t forget your towel.



  11. Before we left for Myanmar I had the hardest Tim getting crisp clean notes out the ATM. Seems America does not print new money that much…it’s all old and worn. When you see the money used in Myanmar ( so new, so crisp and beautiful) it will give you a better understanding of why old worn torn notes just are not acceptable to them!


  12. …………………………………………………………………………………calmness falls upon you……………………………………………………………………….


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