Birzebugga’s narrow harbor at sundown

2 Vitoriosa DSC5818
Vittoriosa’s narrow natural harbor at sunset
3 Tarxien Street DSC5153
One of Tarxien’s narrow streets decorated for Feast Day
4 Tarxien Alley DSC5121
A narrow “road” (now only a footpath) in Tarxien
5 Blue Grotto DSC5895
Blue Grotta’s narrow inlet on Malta’s southwest coast
6 Ft St Angelo 5855
Fort Saint Angelo from the Valletta side of the (Ok-not-so-narrow) Grand Harbor

This week it’s a photo essay. Or it’s Silent Friday.

A couple of reasons: First, I had no wifi (so…sorry for not answering comments or commenting on your blogs). Then, my laptop broke–the touchpad malfunctioned, making it impossible to type without windows opening and weird stuff hopping around (I still think it was a virus, but the fixit folks here said no, it’s the touchpad at 125 euros and had to be ordered and would take four days). Third, I finally got off my duff and rented a car after some reluctance (don’t know why, but there was some kind of…was it fear? Does getting old make you fearful. Or is it cautious? Felt like fear.), and I only have a few days left to see the rest of the island. Fourth, this is the last day before the new DP Photo Challenge appears. Fifth, if I write something, it’ll take me forever. Sixth…well, maybe there’s only five.

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  1. These photos are just beautiful! and yes i think getting older makes you cautious 🙂 The things i was so unaffraid on my 20’s now i a chicken scared of everything ! Dam you age!!!!! 😛

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  2. Great take on ‘narrow’. Loved the canal pictures.
    Shame about your laptop – ignore it for a while and get out and see the real world whilst youare in Malta. You can get it fixed and write more blogs when you get back home. 🙂

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  3. Bravo, you found the sea. Not so bravo, you found the Mediterranean fixing mentality. Still, bravo, you found the feast day and took wonderful photos. It’s survival instinct, not fear, I’d say, thinking of how they must be driving there.


  4. Oooooooo beautiful photos! Especially the opener – it’s stunning. But they’re all gorgeous – colour, composition, texture.
    Fear? Oh yeah. I do think getting older makes you fearful. We have that. I think it’s just because we know our days are numbered, and because we have well developed frontal lobes.
    I think I’d enjoy Malta, and settling into a place like Tarxien for a while.

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  5. If you write something it will definitely take you forever. Reading this on a wobbly bus. Could I be on Malta? But your photos are still beautiful. A fearful elderly person is wishing you joy x

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  6. Oh the joys of technology and travel. They can be mischievous mates. As to does fear come with age, well I think in some ways caution does. It depends on the situation I think. I likely wouldn’t rent a car but might parasail off a cliff. Likely safer. 🙂


  7. What a beautiful place this is–the colors and the light. Something looks all watercolor-y and then I notice something bright in the same frame. Goodness. Having driven in Italy and Greece, I can understand trepidation, particularly at the narrowness of the roads. I find that I am much more cautious now. I think age gives you some insight into the bad possibilities and that they are less unlikely than one thought in one’s twenties. I hope the rest of the trip is comfortable and gorgeous.


  8. I think we get more fearful with age. We’ve been-there-done-that a few times and know what can go wrong. Then there is that thing we can intuition. I trust mine. She’s been a reliable friend 🙂

    I really liked your photo of the Blue Grotto. The boat in the water provides great perspective on how large that grotto really is!


  9. Magnificent photos of Malta, Badfish. I do feel I am now more cautious than I was five years ago. And five years ago I had already felt more cautious than I used to be when I was in college. If only getting old was just a matter of number.

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  10. These photos are really interesting, Badfish…looks like a fascinating place. As for being more scared when older, I find that the opposite is true. In fact it seems that I am more willing to takes risks now than I used to. I believe that if we are afraid to take risks, we won’t get to do much in life. Having said that I should add that I must start to be more cautious…having fallen on my face a few times recently…clumsy and not being attentive. I don’t want to fall and break anything 🙂


  11. Your first two photos just blow me away. They are stunners! Gorgeous…..!!

    I can so relate to having “technological problems/issues” thereby creating real obstacles to blog writing. So been there…so done that…it SO sucks.

    Go enjoy the rest of your time in Malta and the rest will happen…. somehow…. at some later date. Tranquillo.



  12. Never entertained visiting Malta. And I see it also has a blue grotto — been to the famous one in that crazy boat they use.

    What would scare me is being without my smart phone. I would not take a computer along — maybe my Kindle only and my phone.

    The pictures are great. Remind me (forgive me for forgetting), what you use to take them?

    I have been cautious my whole life, which is good news, since when I get old (whatever that means), it will seem normal to be apprehensive, LOL!

    Wonderful journey, BF (how nice it would be to know your name), thanks for taking us along.


  13. Sorry to hear about your wi-fi and equipment issues, but at least if you’re going to be stressed by problems, you’re in a beautiful part of the world to have it happen.


  14. Hey badfish – I feel like my eyes were weirded out by ththe last photo – think it was the effects – super cool stuff – but for some reason the change with each one – I could feel the difference –
    Anyhow – the opening boat image is a top pic – and hope your car crushing was fun ((and no fear mon))


  15. Amazing photos…especially Vittoriosa’s narrow natural harbor at sunset (gasp!). Hope you are loving life. Indonesia has captured my heart as you said it would. Haven’t blogged about it yet because I’ve been swamped with awesome. Hope to get something out by the end of the month. Hug


  16. 21 days into Badfish cold turkey withdrawal. My family has banned me from my computer. They’ve locked me in a room with nothing to do but watch nature shows on Hulu. Is this how it will end?

    Seriously though, everything OK?

    Maybe (hopefully) you’ve met and fallen for the love of your life?? That would explain things….


  17. Lovely snaps and nice to hear you are making your way around Malta. Sorry to hear about the laptop malfunctioning. Sounds frustrating and like it has a life of its own. It tried to get the better of you as you are on the move, giving it no love. But in the end, you won. Go, Badfish! 😀


    • Mabel, yeah, Malta was one of those last-minute non-decisions, and turned out to be one of the greatest places. I could live there. And right, it’s a bit scary when your laptop goes on strike in an island like Malta, or anywhere!

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  18. wow, lovely pics. 🙂 I also visited Malta this summer, so your pictures and sharing my experience on my Bamserblog brings back a lot of nice memories to me. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your visit in Malta too.


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