Shwezigon Pagoda, Bagan, Myanmar

Buddha's hand

2 monks at Buddhist altar

Bagan Temple Archway

I’m getting old, I’m getting lazy, I’m getting tired of lugging luggage. I’m getting tired of lugging even the one camera with non-interchangable built-in lens. All these photos were taken with my iPhone, and the three inside shots were in very low light. I’m thinking of traveling only with my phone, no camera. And maybe a Sherpa. Somebody slap me.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure this won’t surprise anyone: I’ve still made no plans for my upcoming trip in December. I have discovered I don’t need a visa for Cuba. I’ve also discovered it’s difficult to travel and rainy season, and pricey during Xmas in Madagascar. I’ve discovered there’s an apartment by a lazy river for rent, maybe, in Vietnam. Then I think perhaps I should write about Abu Dhabi while I’m here and save money on travel.


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  1. I love how you’ve obviously been planning your unplanned Dec trip. Nobody doesn’t plan and do research at the same time. Right? And while you were at it, slap some photos from your phone from a previous trip on your blog and tell people you aren’t planning to bring a camera. I mean, not planning is a plan, right? Poop (There. I said it for you).


    • L…HA!! I see what you mean. But I think there is a pretty heavy (not fine) line between “planning” and “researching.” And the stuff I discovered was two pages into the guidebook. And the part about Cuba…another blogger told me. So…yeah…”considering” might be called planning. But without the actual planning involved in the actual going on the actual trip….eh? And you’re right…not planning is a plan…which I have mastered.

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    • Yeah, the cropping. That is the way I take photos because of the film days when you had to get it right, and I’ve learned that now you can crop it on your laptop, I should take broader shots so I don’t miss something. But I still crop heavy in camera. Cuba in December, eh? Well, that might be interesting. I’m still mulling. I want to get there before the tsunami of Amuricans flood the shores and molest the culture completely and buy up all the old cars. But it’s so far from here.

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  2. These are great phone photos, Badfish.

    Mr ET, who is a total camera snob, bought a new phone just before we went to England in August. (He had resisted for years and kept using the pathetic excuse for a phone he’d bought online, just to be contrary, before giving in when the phone finally gave out) Then, he started taking photos with it so he could upload them to Facebook. (another techno thing he refused to partake in until his friends told him he was an old fuddy duddy) He was astounded at how good the photos were and spent hours taking photos and putting them on Facebook and blocking everyone’s feed with hundreds of phone photos. 🙂

    I don’t mind where you go, because I’m happy to travel vicariously to any destination.

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    • Me too, Badfish – I’m certain I’ll enjoy the vicarious journey too!
      We’re having camera discussions too. We’ve got way too much equipment and DSLRs apparently don’t like motorbikes too much, although wrapped in a sleeping bag seems to work. I really don’t want to part with mine, and I have a fabulous macro lens I love working with, but it’s HUGE and HEAVY.

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      • Safar…where in the world are you now, anyway? On the road, on a bike I assume. DSLRs are notorious for not liking to get bumped around. I have an old Nikon film camera with a lens, a 100mm macro that is awesome, that costs twice as much as my present digital camera.

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        • I’m in Yorkshire still, and not on the bike today, although I’d planned to go out – but it’s way too blustery for my lightweight 125. Don’t fancy being swept across the road (bikers are reporting their sudden shift in lanes now autumn here). We’re going on the road proper in April. My partner is leaving current job at xmas, which is when they finish a first phase of a project he’s been supervising at a local company. However, that company have offered him 3 months consultancy work to help them through the implementation – and heck the financial package was too good for even me to refuse the extra delay (and given Jan to Mar won’t be great for biking and gets us more training in).

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    • Mrs ET…HA!! You know what…I did the same thing…resisted for years. I didn’t even use a cell phone until just recently. Because now, you have to have one because that’s how businesses notify you. I had a cell phone but only used it for car crashes or emergencies. But yeah….I’m truly amazed at some of the shots I see from mobile phones these days, even shots I take, I’m amazed at some, like the first one in my post…how does it get any better than that?


  3. Love how the bird makes an appearance in the temple shot. Doesn’t matter what the camera – timing like that can’t be replaced.


  4. I am feeling old and lazy and have also almost swapped out my DSLR for my new iPhone camera. Like you, I have no plans made for my upcoming break, and every time I do a spot of research, I get sidetracked or find one little difficulty and give it up. Cuba and Vietnam are both on my list, with the former seeming a tad more likely, just because it’s closer (and hey, Alison and Don might be there! 🙂 ) Nice shiny Burma stuff!


    • I know…old and lazy–same page. And I just got sidetracked trying to find flights to Madagascar. The plane stops in the Seychelles, I figure, Oh great, I’ll stop over there. But no…you can’t get off the plane there!!! What’s up with that? Cuba’s far away for me, but wouldn’t it be cool to meet Alison and Don and drive around in a 56 Chevy smoking cigars!!

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  5. First of all, I love all of your photos here. Secondly, Cuba, Madagascar and Vietnam all sound fabulous! But somehow I have a feeling that you would end up going to a place other than the three. Maybe somewhere along the equator?

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    • Bama…you just may be psychic my friend. After having difficulties finding flights to Madagascar, I just had the thought to just fly back to Bali and enjoy myself!!…on the equator!


  6. Travel just seems to get harder the older we get. A sherpa sounds like a good idea.
    Your pictures are great! I just got my first smart phone, and I will be interested to see how pictures come out. I don’t even know how to put them on my computer. I’ll figure it out.
    I love all those Buddhas. What are they made out of? And those golden buildings. Very shiny.
    Plans shmans. Haha. I know you plan. Just very open to a plan Be, should it arise.
    Have fun.


    • Tell me about it…I almost feel like not traveling now. But a sherpa would make it a lot better. Along with a cook, a maid, and yoga teacher to make me do it. If your computer has an SD slot, all you do is stick the card in the slot. Otherwise, you need a transfer thingy. I’m new to this, too. Most of my photos are in film!!


  7. Hey. Since you’re on the subject of changes, what’s with the blog changes? Did you go premium? Looks like you have your own domain name now and if I’ve been paying attention (unlikely) the blog name has changed. But wouldn’t badfish and badchips be more accurate?

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    • Steveo, you know, I actually paid for premium months ago, just never changed my url thingy. Then when I did, I made a mistake and put the same one I had before without WP thing. I’ve been teasing some commenters about changing the title for months, also. And right…it should be badchips too and Debbie should read this!!! @https://spaceshipchina.com/
      I don’t know if that works?

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      • Consider read, Baddie 🙂
        um – no bad chips – I mean who would eat them, duh?
        I vote for Cuba.
        Mainly cause I’ve always wanted to go there and never got there.
        Xmas? Im thinking – just stay ‘home’ in the pollution. sad, really, isnt it? havent quite recovered from the shock of unexpected events at the end of my last trip!
        Oh, and premium? i paid ages ago, then they cut the only benefit, which was the happiness engineer access thingie. i dont think those ‘engineers’ are very happy anyhow.
        okay – 8 lines reply – bastante!


        • Deb…did you get notified/pinged, or did you just see it here in comments? Yeah, Cuba…I can’t figure out what’s holding me back from just going there. Hey, you can still talk to the happiness engineers…I just did it a couple weeks ago. I think they’re happy…maybe high. I had to explain to the guy what a border around a photo was, he wanted me to send him a sample!@!!! But I got the info I needed

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  8. Ahhh … resting here under the covers, fighting off some sort of evil bug, and binge reading and catching up on your posts. You didn’t break my fever (I had hopes!) but you helped make this can’t-do-anything-but-drink-fluids-and-rest day a bit more bearable. Thanks!


    • Jackie…well, getting sick has its up sides, I guess!! Thanks for hanging out here! If I can’t break your fever, I guess all I can say is get well, lady…


  9. We don´t always need to departure to go on voyage! …. I am loving these pics. Call me an amateur, but I feel quite pleased with the Ipad… 😉 I think the pics look great, dear Badfish… sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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  10. I vote for Madagascar or Oslo — no, you didn’t mention Oslo. I just want you to go there for me. Thank you.

    My aunt the world traveler was disappointed in Cuba and we are very much alike in tastes. I think I will pass. I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico and I doubt they are much different.

    Burma is one of my fave destinations but I think I will wait a bit. I should watch Beyond Rangoon again, though and get my fix.

    Have you seen Indian Summers (in my old age, I forget if I asked you already)? It was filmed in Malaysia and that looks downright indecently scrumptious.

    OK, Oslo, maybe Iceland (I’ve been there briefly), definitely Malayasia (again). Those are my requests.

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    • I like Madagascar…but then, it’s rainy season, and high Xmas season. Oslo…now there’s a new twist on things. I’ve never been to Norway…do they have those green northern lights?
      Indian Summers…no…is it a movie or like Bombay in July?
      I saw a giant leatherback turtle lay eggs on a beach at midnight in Malaysia…scrumptious indeed.


  11. I use my phone quite often for photos. Thankfully we travel as a pair as we seem to now have three cameras, a Go Pro, 2 phones and a partridge in a pear tree. Since it’s often carry on we no longer have room for clothes. Not ideal. Good luck with the decision making. Cant believe you don’t want to come to Canada in the winter!

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  12. These photos bring back such great memories of our trip almost a year ago! Wow! to Myanmar. I do love the exotic sound of ” Burma” but locals told us ( when we asked) that they prefer to go by Myanmar. Did you have any exchanges on the topic?
    Bagan was just one of the most magical places ever…

    I use my ipad to take photos now…of course that means I am compromising on quality but it also means it is easy and also easier to get portraits shots as people seem less threatened by an ipad. Its also great for showing and sharing with people the shots I take of them – nice big screen compared to a camera.


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    • Burma/Myanmar…yeah. Some folks told me they use Myanmar officially, but use Burma unofficially. What’s that about. CAn’t they just decide to call it Burma is what I’m saying.
      I love and hate Bagan. Had the greatest time, and the biggest disappointment….soon to become a post.
      How do you send a photo from a camera? Can you do that?


  13. Have you tried Micro Four Third Camera? I used that camera now – it’s light and easy to pack..and you can change the lenses..the lenses were incredibly light. But of course, it depends on how tiny your hands are..I meant I know some people did not want to use it because it doesn’t feel comfy on their super huge hands.. 😀 😀

    Great reasons and great images!


    • Indah…I haven’t shot photos with a 4/3’s, but I thought about it. They are lighter, but you know, I just don’t want to fiddle with more than one lense any more!! I’m lazy these days. But I might end up going that way.


  14. I’m amazed that those images were taken with your iPhone 😍. You could totally travel sans DSLR. If your travel decision brings you through Singapore or Johor Bahru Malaysia, give us a shout.


  15. The wife and I really love this blog and appreciate the useful information and awesome imagery you provide. We would like to encourage you to keep writing and never abandon this blog. When you decide to have a mobile app version, I would love to be of service. I appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.

    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.


    • Dom…you will love Burma. I found it very intriguing. Land travel is slow, though–allow yourself plenty of days to travel. Or fly. The visa was a breeze. Get online to their site and apply. It’s a little scary because they say they may or may not give you a visa. And if they don’t, they say they won’t tell you why not. So apply early for the visa…in case they say no!

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